Rangers have been praised by Glasgow MSP Adam Tomkins on Twitter after the club offered the use of Ibrox Stadium as a vaccination centre.

The club released an update on Wednesday afternoon which included a letter sent from managing director Stewart Robertson to both the UK and Scottish Governments.

“We are living in unprecedented times which require cooperation, action and input from all across society,” read the letter [Rangers.co.uk]. “Rangers Football Club would be delighted to support staff from the National Health Service, and the British military personnel involved in the country-wide vaccination process.”

“I have already identified relevant expertise within my staff who can be placed at your immediate disposal, and we all stand ready to do everything we can to support the national effort, to vaccinate the population. We have large areas around the stadium normally used for matchday parking, and we have other facilities which could also be of use.

“As a club, we have ongoing and excellent relations with Police Scotland, with whom we regularly work to ensure the safe and efficient management of people and vehicles.

“In the meantime, please pass sincere thanks from all at Rangers Football Club, to the health and other professionals involved in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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A Glasgow MSP has praised Rangers’ move to offer Ibrox as a vaccination centre. (Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The gesture was well-received by Bears, who were quick to praise the club for pledging to do their bit during such difficult times.


Adam Tomkins, a Conservative MSP for Glasgow, also lauded the move.

“This is a magnificent and hugely generous offer made by @RangersFC to both the UK and Scottish Governments, offering the Club’s facilities and expertise in assisting the Covid vaccination programme,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I hope both Governments react quickly and take Rangers up on this offer. Naturally, I’ll do anything I can as a Glasgow MSP to help facilitate this. Fantastic to see @RangersFC make this offer.”

The move came as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tightened Covid-19 restrictions further in Scotland in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus [Sky News].

With Rangers having publically made the offer, it’s now over to the authorities to determine whether or not the use of Rangers staff and facilities would significantly assist the effort to roll out the vaccine.

Rangers were also involved in an SPFL meeting on Wednesday and afterwards, the chairman of a fellow member club released a demand for ‘urgent’ change at the top of the Scottish game.

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