Rangers fans react as supportive pundit calls out “Celtic cheerleader”
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Rangers fans react as Ewen Cameron calls out BBC's Tom English

Such is the tense relationship between Rangers and BBC Scotland, absolutely no bluenose will be surprised to learn that the broadcaster’s Chief Sports Writer Tom English traditionally tows the party line.
The BBC journalist is regularly critical of Rangers, and waxes lyrical about Celtic. Rangers fans regularly clash with the BBC Chief, but this time a fellow pundit took a turn.

Rangers fans enjoyed the comments from pundit and DJ Ewen Cameron. (Photo credit should read ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP/Getty Images)

After Tom English thought he’d be smart by criticising Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand for celebrating Lionel Messi’s stunning freekick goal last night, Ewen Cameron called him out on his hypocrisy.
English would go on to justify his comments about the celebrations of the BT Sport commentary team on the grounds of lacking impartiality. Seriously. Cameron didn’t hold back.

The Hearts fan Clyde One radio DJ/journalist lets it all out here. And good on him.
Ewen Cameron is refreshingly positive about Rangers. There’s no ‘endemic sectarianism’ this or ‘tarring the entire support’ that. He sees Rangers fans for what they are – football fans.
He even helped facilitate the visit of Ant Middleton to the Hummel Training Centre earlier in the season.
Tom English, Michael Stewart and everyone else at the BBC are so determined to have their petty footballing or political biases against Rangers validated they’ll even exaggerate the truth. Examples range from Ally McCoist, to James Tavernier. They need to apologise almost season on season.
Cameron feels this Old Boy’s Club, negative, vilifying conversation stirs up a lot of the animosity in the game here. He also thinks it devalues the product.
Needless to say, Rangers fans are loving Cameron’s riposte to English.


Good on you Ewen. Someone had to do it.

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