Rangers fans question “irony” as Times columnist criticises press policy
Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images

Rangers fans question “irony” as Times columnist criticises press policy

A column in the Times has once again sparked the debate around Rangers’ controversial buy-in press policy which has polarised Scottish football.

Magnus Linklater is the latest name to criticise the move from Ibrox which will see the Gers charge between £10k and £25k per season for press access.

The column has sparked a reaction from not only Rangers fans on Twitter but a host of other names in Scottish media as the Gers’ decision continues to come under scrutiny.

In short, Linklater is claiming that Rangers should show more humility to the press and understand the impact and influence that they have had on the club’s success over the years.

Namely, this concerns free publicity offered by newspapers by proxy of covering the club.

However, for the bulk of fans responding online the press are viewed as unfairly antagonistic towards Rangers, something which they believe has brought the issue to this juncture.

Much of the criticism from Rangers circles also concerns the fact that the column is also only available to view behind a paywall, something many fans feel is ironic.

There are definitely issues with this approach and things are not black and white, but it is clear that the overwhelming bulk of Gers fans on Twitter have no sympathy for the media in this instance:


There is a large swell of Rangers fans who agree with the policy of charging mainstream press to cover the club whilst some others have fears regarding independence of coverage.

But whatever the case, this is clearly a signal of intent from Rangers who want to see real change when it comes to how the press deal with the Ibrox club.