Rangers fans have praised John Bennett for speaking out in a video shared by the club’s Twitter account, in which he explains the club’s stance amid the current feud with the SPFL.

The Gers have been locked in a war of words with the league association for some weeks now and circulated a sizeable dossier of evidence of alleged wrongdoing to their fellow member clubs on Thursday morning.

The actions of Neil Doncaster and co are criticised in the evidence presented by Rangers.
The actions of Neil Doncaster and co are criticised in the evidence presented by Rangers. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

Plenty of Bears were incensed when the SPFL dismissed the contents of the dossier soon after it was distributed.

Interim Deputy Chairman at Ibrox, Bennett, says the club will keep pressing their case, though.

“Their words and actions all along, from day one – and this has been pointed out by media people in particular – it’s been ‘nothing to see here,” he said in a video interview shared by the club’s Twitter account.

“I think it’s in that spirit that they’ve moved to try and shut it [the dossier] down and to discredit it very quickly.

“I found myself quite puzzled. How is it, that they couldn’t find an email to them at the time of the infamous changing of the vote but within minutes of this report going out, they were coming out – to use other people’s words – swinging?

“I think it was a clear attempt to discredit the evidence without even looking at it properly.”

Rangers are sticking to their guns in the feud with the SPFL. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Bennett then goes on to address several other issues.

He accuses the SPFL of sloganeering around the ‘smoking gun’ and ‘bullying’ claims and of making a concerted effort to isolate Rangers from the rest of Scottish football.

Finally, he explains the club’s mission to shine a light on poor governance, before defending both interim chairman Douglas Park and managing director Stewart Robertson, amid criticism.

The video received plenty of attention on social media from rival fans, but it went down a storm with Bears who are pleased the club aren’t lying down, while Bennett received individual praise for his clear and concise delivery.

Here’s a selection of reactions from Twitter:


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