Rangers fans in stitches at Celtic fans' tragic "Rodcott" campaign

Rangers fans in stitches at Celtic fans' tragic "Rodcott" campaign

Rangers fans have been gutting themselves on Twitter over the Celtic fans’ “Rodcott” of celebrity supporter Rod Stewart.

The ageing rocker isn’t the most popular man at Ibrox and is one of the biggest and best known Celtic fans on planet Earth.

So the Ibrox club’s support can be forgiven for finding the backlash from Celtic fans to Rod Stewart congratulating Prime Minister Boris Johnson pretty damn hilarious.

When it comes to the so-called “club open to all”, it appears to only apply if you’re onside with the increasingly bi-polar Green Brigade.

The outspoken Celtic Ultras unveiled a banner of Rod Stewart reading “f*** off Rod, Tories not welcome”. Fantastic.

It’s since spawned the utterly hilarious “Rodcott” where Celtic fans appear to have gotten together to boycott one of their biggest ever brand ambassadors over flippant comments made about the election.

Celtic fans appear to have turned on Rod Stewart in a hilarious turn of events. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Politically some of Celtic’s directors, owners, investors and supporters will support the Conservative party and poor Rod appears to be the scapegoat for the group making a political statement.

Not that Rangers fans are particularly concerned. They’re watching on with quiet awe.





It’s not the first time Rod Stewart’s been in the press with regards Rangers and Celtic this month either.

The 74-year-old musician was reportedly kicked out of Hampden for goading an Ibrox Director’s teenage son at the Betfred Cup Final.