Rangers fans are demanding more support from ex-players as Lee McCulloch clashes with a Rangers influencer on Twitter.
Club insider and fan spokesperson Four Lads Had a Dream clashed with McCulloch over comments he made in an Evening Times column.
McCulloch claimed that “Alfredo Morelos has to be more professional”. Four Lads took exception to the comments, which resulted in McCulloch desperately trying to knock up an explanation.
The tweets have since been deleted. And Four Lads aren’t the only ones who took an exception. In fact, it’s opened up a can of worms concerning ex-players and their comments in the press.


The main argument here is that ex-players are sticking the boot into the Ibrox club more than defending it. Many believe they’re utilising a very toxic media atmosphere around Rangers for their own ends.
The McCulloch scenario simply feeds into this wider “hothead Alfredo Morelos” narrative/cliché. The reality is Kirk Broadfoot is the only one in the wrong here – and he’s in danger of destroying his Rangers legacy having done so.
That’s what McCulloch should’ve said. Or at least, that’s how a lot of Rangers fans feel, and McCulloch should’ve represented that.

Fans frustrated with a range of ex-players

The same can be said for some of the other former players of this world. Kris Boyd clashed with fans only last week for comments relating to Borna Barisic and the club’s Technical Director Mark Allen.
Again, fans felt the former Rangers striker was giving us a fly kick whilst we’re down. There was a real issue of timing with Boyd’s column. Why just pile more negativity on top of negativity?
The feeling here is that none of these “club figures” really represent the club or its fans at all. That’s despite their allegiance to the club being half the reason why they’re being asked for an opinion in the first place.
Compare this to the likes of Nacho Novo, who has been very outspoken against the media, referees and the perceived Celtic influence in Scottish football. He isn’t even Scottish.

Rangers icons Lee McCulloch and Kris Boyd have come under heavy fire for their outspoken comments in recent weeks. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This isn’t about pandering to fans. All the fans want is for these ex-players to represent them and to respect them. But if the choice is between pandering to fans, or to an anti-Rangers debate in the media, should the choice not be easy?
It certainly is for Celtic’s media lapdogs and the ex-players of our rivals. This is another reason why some fans feel irked by certain comments. Celtic’s ex-players can’t wait to spread talk of £30m valuations, of magnificent face rubbing triumph, of their superiority over Rangers.
Many fans feel our ex-players are more interested in pandering to these pundits.
From Rangers fans the message is simple. Back us up. We’re up against it enough as it is.

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