Rangers fans blast Davie Provan over shameful Morelos comment
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Rangers fans blast Davie Provan over shameful Morelos comment

Rangers star Alfredo Morelos has been subjected to a sickening column in today’s Scottish Sun where Davie Provan has told the Colombian that if he can’t handle being racially abused then he should leave Glasgow – leaving Gers fans on Twitter rightly furious.

Aberdeen fans having been arrested and charged over racially abusing Morelos while a Motherwell fan was charged after throwing a “hot drink” at him but somehow Provan thinks Morelos is the one who is being overly sensitive.

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The suggestion that Morelos is in the “wrong city” if he can’t take the “vitriol” aimed at him is utterly laughable from Provan given his rush to demand action against Rangers for fans singing offensive songs.

There’s always going to be some stick in football – and nobody is trying to get rid of that – but to suggest that Morelos is in the “wrong city” is absolutely staggering from a newspaper who are championing their own “respect our players” campaign.

Perhaps Provan wasn’t aware of it – or maybe it just doesn’t apply to Rangers’ number 20 – but the fact that his column was ever published should see Rangers take action.

Whether that means simply banning the Scottish Sun and their reporters from any Rangers-accredited event, so be it.

And if Provan and his colleagues don’t like it…well, you get the rest.

Gers fans on Twitter were unsurprisingly furious with Provan’s article – with one calling it “absolutely pathetic.”

Here are some of the comments from Rangers fans: