Rangers coach David McCallum has has his Lowland League grievances justified as the red card awarded to young goalkeeper Lewis Budinauckas is overturned.

The 20-year-old stopper was one of three players who saw red in the weekend’s 3-1 Ibrox defeat to the Celtic B team but has now had his red card overturned on appeal.

Theoretically, this means the young goalkeeper is available for the clash with Celtic at the weekend (although he is unlikely to be involved) whilst Bailey Rice and Adam Devine miss out.

Rangers B win Lewis Budinauckas Celtic appeal

The decision to send Lewis Budinauckas off also proved to be a pivotal one too, with the goalkeeper the first of the Rangers trio to see red with the club’s youngsters leading 1-0 at the time.

Rangers B boss David McCallum was left fuming at full time about the decision, with Budinauckas handed a red card for an alleged handball just outside the box.

The Ibrox B side’s coach felt that the decision was “ridiculous” and has complained that any level it was an unacceptable standard of officiating.

“I was able to see it at the time as we have the video at the side of the pitch,” said David McCallum.

“[It’s a] ridiculous decision. If you want to make big decisions you have to get them right.

“It’s clear the ball is at very worst over the line, as in on the line as he catches it. And the next step takes it into the box.

“So we see a big decision like that at that stage of the game.

“We were excellent up until that point and clearly ahead in terms of how we’re controlling the chances created and that moment changes the game.

“If we’re going to get big games like this then the officials need to get it right.

“They need to get it right. And that decision at that point [was crucial]. He keeps telling me in a good position.

“If he’s in a good position, he needs to make the right call and that’s the wrong call.

“So, wrong call and a game that was good. It was a good spectacle to watch. That [decision] killed it. It kills it.”

Whilst David McCallum has now been justified by the fact Lewis Budinauckas has had the red card overturned, the Rangers B team’s capitulation against Celtic is still a worry.

Rangers kids Adam Devine and Bailey Rice also saw red in the match and with their team already struggling, something which displays a distinct lack of composure and discipline.

Rangers B are 3rd in the Lowland League table, one point behind Celtic in 2nd and four points off Spartans who top the division

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