Prominent bluenose and Rangers fan Grado has launched a rant at BBC Scotland after they poked fun at the star’s weight.
The ICW wrestling star, Scot Squad actor and television personality was on the Ibrox pitch for a half time event. The event was aimed at raising money for charity.
Grado was pictured flat-out on the pitch with the obtuse BBC Scotland piece poking fun at him. The language used was offensive, unprofessional and just stunk of what Grado called “vindictiveness”.

“This was at half-time [Grado taking to the pitch], and by the 60th minute I had about 40 WhatsApps of the same screengrab of an article,” said Grado, talking on the new Football Daft podcast.
“’ Who ate all the pies? Has Jon Flanagan been hitting the pies at half-time? No, it’s Scottish wrestling star Grado larking about during the interval. To be fair, the chunky chap could probably keep up with the current sluggish pace’.
“Cheeky b******. Imagine that was a woman? He’d get his books for that. That’s terrible.”
The entire thing is actually ridiculous. The wrestling star is a big boy, but the fact BBC Scotland has donned their red top hat and wrote this muck is embarrassing.
And there is no doubt that they are only aiming their ire at the star because it involves Rangers. What petty, barrell-scraping nonsense from the BBC.

Grado had come out onto the Ibrox pitch for a charity event. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)
It’s not the first time they’ve stooped to low levels to get a dig in on the club. Recently, they tried to suggest James Tavernier was somehow mutually responsible after being assaulted at Easter Road.
Who can forget the broadcaster being forced to apologise after sharing an image of Ryan Jack’s severed head either?
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