Paul Gascoigne has issued the perfect response to the SFA and Rangers fans after his Hall of Fame awards dinner was cancelled last week.

The supremely talented midfielder tweeted the Scottish Football Association’s Twitter account  “NO HARD FEELINGS” with a video of his famous Wembley strike. The goal would help dump Scotland out of the Euro 1996 tournament in England.

It’s the perfect response from Gazza and fans are delighted he has taken things so well. He is naturally going to be disappointed but it’s great to see him take it in his stride.

The entire debacle has been laughable since the beginning.

Gazza was denied entry into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame. Even after the Game’s top brass had organised a dinner to induct him. Certain SFA Board Members threatened a boycott if the dinner went ahead and the event was cancelled.

Gazza spent three years at Rangers between 1995-98 and also played in England and Italy. Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford/Allsport

The group cited worries over Gascoigne’s mental health as one of the reasons the award was being reconsidered.

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The SFA have now come under heavy criticism, with many corners saying this is mental health discrimination.


Gazza, who will no doubt be gutted, has taken it superbly well. Fans are happy to see him respond with his usual tongue in cheek attitude.

Gascoigne also “loved the support of the fans”

Gascoigne also took the time to thank Rangers fans for their support. The midfielder tweeted that he “loved the support of the fans” and that “only one hall of fame matters”, nodding to his place in the Ibrox Hall of Fame.

Rangers fans are delighted with the response and there has been an outpouring of support from Bluenoses everywhere.

Everyone will be wishing him all the best in his recovery and with any other issues the England legend has had. He remains a very popular figure at Ibrox.

There’s even talk of a Gazza semi final later this month.

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