Former Rangers coach Mick Beale has fired back at a fan who took a potshot at him on Instagram after leaving the club midway through the season – insisting the punter didn’t “have a clue what went on.”

Beale had posted on Instagram saying he’d made a “quick visit home for a Xmas meal” with his family, leading one Rangers fan to question whether he’d left halfway through dinner.

The Englishman was having none of it though and responded by reminding the supporter he had left after winning the title and losing only one league game from the previous 52.

“No mate. Left after one league defeat in 52 and an invincible season,” Beale responded.

“Signing players for free or 50K or from League One that are now worth millions. All about opinions though isn’t it mate?


“Have a good Xmas – you don’t have a clue what went on.”

Beale left Rangers alongside Steven Gerrard, Tom Culshaw, Jordan Milsom and Scott Mason when the Liverpool icon was appointed Aston Villa manager last month.

While the fan’s comments weren’t exactly in the best of taste, it seems slightly off that Beale is hinting something could have gone on behind the scenes that triggered the decision by Gerrard to move on.

The ex Liverpool and Chelsea coach is still highly regarded by the Rangers support and if something DID happen that prompted Gerrard and his staff to leave, holding it over fans like some sort of secret won’t do him favours.

It may just be a poor choice of words from the Aston Villa assistant manager though as he responded to a punter taking a shot when there was really no need to do so.

In other news, Rangers have been given a boost as key players will be available for the crunch tie against Celtic amid AFCON worries.

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