Gary McAllister says experience the key to improving discipline
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Gary McAllister says experience the key to improving discipline

Gary McAllister addressed the media today ahead of the clash with Dundee, rather than manager Steven Gerrard.

However, the Assistant Manager is similarly straight talking, and was very frank when asked if the team’s discipline was something that needed to be discussed.

McAllister and Gerrard have a great working relationship, initially forged at Liverpool. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

‘There is a discipline problem. The number of red cards (eight) and bookings that we’ve had, but its something we’re working on continually.’

He went on to explain that the coaching staff believe the issue to be down to one fundamental thing. Experience, or lack thereof.

‘The players are working on it. We’re trying to pass on years of experience to players, who maybe haven’t been in these types of situations before.’

The coaching staff are aware that they have a young squad, to whom they need to give advice. (photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

‘It’s a fine line, there’s no doubt about that…Sometimes we’ve made some poor decisions’, the ex-Leeds and Liverpool player continued.

‘It boils down to decision-making. When you’re in the heat of the battle, you’ve got to still be thinking clear.’

‘There are times in games where you’ve got to be cute as well. You know, just playing the situation, playing the crowd, playing the referee. That does come with experience.’

Are the coaching staff doing enough?

It was an honest assessment from McAllister. It’s clear that the management still want the team to play with an edge, but to be a lot smarter in how they go about it.

Encouragingly, himself and Gerrard are extremely well placed to be passing on advice. With over 1000 senior career appearances between them, they have been there and done that.

McAllister returned to former club Liverpool, for a legends match earlier this year. (Photo by Alan Martin/Action Plus via Getty Images)

But they can’t go out there and do the job themselves. The Rangers players must be willing to listen and to learn quickly.

The Gers are under the microscope at the minute, and they could ill-afford any more misdemeanours in Dundee, on Sunday.

Check out the rest of the press conference, below: