“Frank got the better job” – Freddie Flintoff goads Steven Gerrard
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“Frank got the better job” – Freddie Flintoff goads Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard received a text from a former Liverpool teammate after securing the Rangers job – at least that’s what he thought! It turned out to be England cricket icon Freddie Flintoff pranking the former Liverpool skipper.

Flintoff used Jamie Redknapp’s phone to send Gerrard a text saying Frank Lampard got the better job at Derby County. Neither Gerrard or Redknapp took the prank very well.

A regular prank from Freddie Flintoff

Freddie Flintoff had been getting a bit of a reputation for sending prank texts from people’s phones. So much so that even A League of their Own host James Corden knew about it. It was on the popular Sky show that Flintoff made the revelation.

But only after he was asked by Corden.

James Corden and Freddie Flintoff work together regularly in the media. (Photo by Ian Gavan/FFR/Getty Images)

Freddie then went on to tell him it was all a joke but people know not to leave their phones around. Flintoff said:

“When we do the road trips or spend time together, you just don’t leave your phone lying around.

“We were in Ireland the other week and Jamie was giving his phone to one of the girls on the crew and gave her the codes so he could take a photograph.

“I was in earshot for the code so I got his phone and we sent a message to Steven Gerrard.

“The text was ‘Steve, I think Frank got the better job’”.

Gerrard and Redknapp not amused

Not long afterwards, Redknapp’s phone got a text back from Gerrard saying, “you think so do ya?”.

Flintoff obviously hadn’t bargained for the tenseness of the situation. Back came Redknapp who Flintoff described as losing his head. Flintoff even said “his t**s fell out!”. He also claimed there was a much bigger reaction to the Gerrard text than even pranks to royalty.

Gerrard’s pal Redknapp was not amused by the text from his phone. (Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images)

Steven Gerrard clearly doesn’t think it was the wrong decision.

He said last week that it was an honour to manage such a “fantastic club”.