Fans at Ibrox really do "pay player's wages"
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Fans at Ibrox really do "pay player's wages"

It’s a common cliché in football to say that the fans “pay the player’s wages”.

The insinuation here is that by turning out to support the team they are funding their monthly pay-cheques. But with telly money at an all time high down south, it doesn’t really seem to be the case at all. Well, unless it concerns Rangers fans.

At least according to research by leading statistician Price of Football.

Per £100 of a wages, only 14 sets of supporters supply over £50. Rangers sit atop that list, with matchday incomes at Ibrox providing the equivalent of £95 out of every £100 spent on wages.

Fans turning out is essential for Rangers success

It just goes to show you how important the Rangers fans are to the running of the club. Especially as issues with merchandise and a previous lack of European football impacted our financials.

This number should drop next year, but Rangers will still be high up on the list. But by turning out in our numbers, for the time being, we really are paying these guys wages. Not just contributing meagerly to them.

The support of these fans really is everything to this football club, these figures prove it. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Compare our 95% to the likes of Bournemouth, who’s matchday income accounts for only 7% of every £100 spent on wages. That disparity is pretty incredible, but the TV money and outside investment is the reason Bournemouth can realistically attract and pay more for better talent.

If Rangers are to continue to grow financially, the fans turning out on matchday will clearly play a huge part in the success we have. Not just symbolically, but economically too. Especially as we look to topple Celtic.

So the next time you hear someone shouting wages from the stands at Ibrox that he pays a player’s, you now know.

They actually have a point.