English journo in bizarre 'beyond parody' dig at Rangers over Orange County partnership
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English journo in bizarre 'beyond parody' dig at Rangers over US partners

English journalist Tony Evans has taken a bizarre dig at Rangers on Twitter, calling the Gers’ link up with USL side Orange County SC ‘beyond parody’.

Evans, who writes for the Independent and calls himself a ‘Scouse Separatist’ and a ‘Beer Hooligan’ appeared to have a bit of a social media meltdown over the weekend, ranting and raving on a number of subjects.

While quoting a tweet from OCSC as they thrashed FC Tusla, Evans took aim at the Gers’ partnership with the Americans that has seen players move between the clubs and the USL side gain new interest from Scotland.

“Because I lived in Irvine, I went on OCSC website to see where the stadium is and find out more about them. Guess who the club partner is? Beyond parody,” Evans tweeted.

Quite what is ‘beyond parody’ about Rangers following a number of other clubs and having partnerships in the US is anyone’s guess.

Not the first time Evans has taken bizarre digs at Rangers on social media

A quick look at Evans’ social media shows it’s not the first time the ‘Scouse Separatist’ has taken aim at Rangers and made himself look ridiculous.

While he seems to lack the courage to say what he actually means – having been asked repeatedly by users on Twitter – it seems Evans’ outrage hinges on the word orange.

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Coming from a writer with one of the country’s main newspapers, it’s incredibly incendiary and simply plays up to the sectarian stereotypes that have marred Scottish football for so long.

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