Dave King: Rangers often come under unfair attack
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Dave King: Rangers often come under unfair attack

Rangers chairman Dave King has released a letter to fans in the wake of season ticket renewals opening, and he’s had plenty to say to supporters.
Between suggesting Rangers are edging closer to being the dominant force in Scottish football and announcing season ticket sales will go to Steven Gerrard’s transfer kitty, he also spoke out on something else. What he describes as the club coming under “unfair attack”.
Rangers fans have been continuously outspoken about how certain pundits or organisations are criticising the club.

Dave King praised the job being done by Steven Gerrard. (ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP/Getty Images)

But King has pulled in the old “dignified silence” stance, at least in public, and he calls on supporters to do the same.
“Being part of Rangers as a fan, player, manager or director means we conduct ourselves in a specific manner,” said King.
“Our Club often comes under unfair attack and we are relentless in working hard behind the scenes, and up front when necessary, to make sure we are given the respect our Club and our massive support deserves. But we will not engage in unseemly debates through the media.
“Conducting ourselves with dignity is a part of who we are and it is up to us to set standards. However, in doing this, we will not allow ourselves to be treated differently or held to a different set of rules.”

Dave King is optimistic about the immediate future of Rangers. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

That didn’t stop Stewart Robertson coming out and criticising BBC Scotland earlier in the year. Which if anything, probably shows the gravity of that particular situation.
King makes it clear here – Rangers won’t be dragged into nonsense political arguments or forced to answer no mark pundits. And it’s probably for the best – it’s not like they’re ever going to meet Rangers halfway.

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