Craig Mulholland has spoken to RangersTV about the importance of Steven Gerrard to the club.

Ever since Gerrard stepped through the door, it has been all systems go. He’s aiming to improve Rangers at all levels and make the club the best it can possibly be.

Gerrard is a year into his Ibrox revolution. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP/Getty Images)

That’s evidenced in particular, by the work he’s directed off the pitch. Extensive renovations have taken place at the Hummel Training Centre, while alterations at Ibrox are next on the agenda.

Mulholland, Head of Academy at Ibrox, says Gerrard also goes the extra mile with the club’s youth prospects.

“The gaffer has been fantastic,” Mulholland told RangersTV. “He has been to watch right down to our under-11s and 12s, and he knows every player.”


“We’ve had Nathan Young-Coombes come up from Chelsea and he said at that club the first team manager wouldn’t know your name at the age Nathan is at. Steven knows all of the young players in the Academy as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


“22 players have trained with the first team from the Academy this season. Gary McAllister has been at a lot of the games, as have Colin Stewart and Tom Culshaw. And Michael Beale, I would like to give a special mention to. He is the one who actually speaks to Graeme Murty and myself every day.”

Prospects like Nathan Young-Coombes have thrived at Ibrox this season. (Photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)


There’s a sense that Steven Gerrard has never done anything half-heartedly in his life.

He’s immersed himself into everything Rangers since arriving early last summer, and we’re starting to see the benefits of that on the pitch.

His presence is bound to be inspiring the club’s youngsters, too. If Stevie G is coming down to watch you when you are 11 or 12, what a boost that must provide.

As a former head of Liverpool’s youth system, he knows the importance of homegrown talent and therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if he hands out a debut or two at the weekend.

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