Club 1872 wade into controversial Glasgow City Council Rangers debate
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Club 1872 wade into controversial Glasgow City Council Rangers debate

Rangers fan group 1872 have waded into a controversial debate surrounding the leader of Glasgow City Council and the Ibrox club.
Screenshots emerged of SNP Councillor Susan Aitken asking members of a closed Facebook group to circulate photographs of the council’s former Labour leader Frank McAveety attending a match at Ibrox.
The fan’s group and Rangers’ second-biggest shareholder believe Aitken was criticising McAveety because of “legitimate criticisms” over Aitken’s role in the denial of a Rangers fan zone.

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken finds herself in hot water with the comments. (Photo by Ken Jack – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Aitken’s criticism of McAveety is even more confusing when you consider that the Labour Councillor is a Celtic fan. He was merely attending the match as a council delegate, as is common at major sporting events in every city in the world.

Club 1872 claim that Aitken was trying to “divert attention from questions about your own conduct where Rangers Football Club is concerned.”
In an open letter to Susan Aitken Club 1872 have demanded more clarity on the issue. They ask Ms Aitken if she believes Mr McAveety’s visit to Ibrox should be presented in a negative light.
They have also requested that any comments made about Rangers in the group, which was discussing council business, be revealed through Freedom of Information.

The gaffe from Aitken has intensified pressure on the SNP led Glasgow City Council, with many Rangers fans feeling some of its members, including Susan Aitken, treat the club unfairly.

Club 1872 has demanded answers from Glasgow City Council. (Photo by Mikhail JaparidzeTASS via Getty Images)

Club 1872 says, “The many thousands of Rangers supporters who live in the Glasgow area should be able to rely on elected officials to treat them and their football club fairly at all times.”
Aitken has since been reported to the standards commissioner by Frank McAveety who described Aitken’s comments
“as flat out unacceptable.