"Bydand FC?" "Newco" - Rangers fans react to Hibs takeover deal
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

"Bydand FC?" "Newco" - Rangers fans react to Hibs takeover deal


Hibs have announced new ownership after Peruvian born American businessman Ronald Gordon bought a majority stake at Easter Road.

The reported £6m takeover deal will see the Edinburgh club’s debts written off as Gordon takes over from Rob Petrie and Sir Tom Farmer in Leith.

But eagle-eyed Gers fans have been pointing out a technicality that’s often used as a stick to beat Rangers with.



As you can see, the official Hibs Twitter account discusses the setting up of a new company to transfer the shareholding of the Edinburgh club too.

Rangers’ rivals regularly claim that Rangers setting up a new company in the aftermath of 2012 makes them a “new club”.

Whilst this has been categorically refuted by the footballing powers that be, it still doesn’t stop plenty of rival supporters and representatives chiming in with the comments.

You get the feeling most rival fans are on the wind-up. The mental thing is that a lot of them aren’t.

This ridiculous notion that Rangers are a new club is something that’s been hammered into plenty of the Ibrox side’s rivals, and this seemingly innocuous tweet from Hibs still won’t be enough to convince them otherwise.

There’s been a takeover at Easter Road. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Still, Rangers fans certainly enjoyed winding up their Edinburgh rivals on the subject.

Just wait until we tell them that their Chief Executive was raised a Bluenose [BBC Radio Scotland].