A leading British newspaper columnist has branded SNP MSP James Dornan as “amateur Hate-Finder General” as they discussed the ongoing fall-out of a clash with Rangers.

Steerpike is the Spectator’s “gossip columnist” and Dornan was the subject of one the outspoken writer’s latest pieces as he discussed Dornan’s behaviour regarding an edited video clip of the Rangers team.

Scottish Daily Politics 2019
SNP MSP James Dornan has refused to apologise for misleading accusations levelled at the Rangers team – despite his insistence that he would. (Photo by Ken Jack/Getty Images)

Dornan – who is the MSP for Glasgow Cathcart – hammered the Rangers team after a video of them chanting Sweet Caroline had been edited to include sectarian add-ons.

At the time, Dornan promised that if he was incorrect regarding this then he would apologise to the Rangers team.

However, since then the video – which gathered national attention and was included on news bulletins – has been disproved by Police Scotland.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dornan has now backtracked and refuses to apologise for the damage caused to the Rangers side.

“As far as the apology goes, I’d thought about that and I thought, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong here’,” said Dornan [Glasgow Times].

“What I’ve done is I’ve tried to find out if people have behaved inappropriately at the behest of my constituents.

“I’ve got nothing to apologise for, it wasn’t me that was fighting with the police and it wasn’t me who was wrecking the streets of Glasgow.”

Now, Steerpike has taken aim at the SNP MSP for the ongoing fall-out regarding the Rangers comments and other unsubstantiated claims of anti-Irish racism against Lothian Buses.

Steerpike describes this as “Dornan’s efforts to whip up another sectarian drama” despite Police Scotland’s “unequivocal and comprehensive” response.

In response to Dornan’s refusal to apologise for spreading the “damaging clip”, the columnist simply says “shock, horror”.

Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership
The Rangers players were celebrating an unbeaten league success and the club’s world record 55th domestic title. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Have a read of it HERE as what goes around comes around and Dornan’s attempts to smear the Ibrox squad see him looking rather foolish on a national scale.

Rangers fans have previously urged Dornan to stay true to his word at Ibrox and apologise for irresponsibly and unfairly attaching these accusations to the Gers team.

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