Rangers fans have been slaughtering former Celtic striker Chris Sutton for a column that claims Steven Gerrard will be “mortified” by the club’s approach to the press.

Rangers have introduced a policy of charging for press access and media partnerships, something which has gone down controversially in press circles.

Sutton’s Daily Record column takes aim at the competency of fan media and claims Rangers “are coming across as a totalitarian club”.

The ex-Celtic striker is no stranger to controversy and what’s remarkable is that in the same breath, Sutton claims he doesn’t know “the ins and the outs” at Ibrox, but also that Steven Gerrard must be “mortified” by the policy.

We think Stevie G is doing just Champion, thanks.

The outspoken columnist also makes the very bold claim that Gerrard “doesn’t seem to want to do what he knows is right” in an attempt to drag the Gers gaffer into the discussion.


On top of this Sutton criticises Rangers’ approach to the SPFL cinch sponsorship deal (surprise, surprise) where the Gers are invoking one of the body’s own rules to avoid promoting the partnership.

This relates to a conflict of interest regarding existing commercial contracts signed by the Ibrox club.

Sutton claims that Rangers’ approach is damaging other clubs – something few fans will have any sympathy with even if true – despite Rangers making it clear the cinch deal presented a conflict of interest before the contract was signed.

Are Rangers just supposed to abandon a legally binding contract for these mugs? Because we’re sure they’ve got Rangers’ best interests at heart.

Despite having a fundamental argument in this regard, Rangers are once again fair game for this kind of petty, misinformed and speculative comment and it’s very difficult to take it as anything other than an attempt to troll fans or the club.


Chris Sutton apparently knows the inner workings of the Rangers manager’s mind. (Photo by ANDREAS HILLERGREN/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

Far from actually use this column to make anything resembling a decent point on the matter, this is just the latest, tiresome Rangers baiting dig from a Celtic-minded voice.

Perhaps there’s a discussion to be had but all this kind of rhetoric does is misinform, speculate and stir the pot – something we’re sure is part of the reason why he’s written it and wonderfully ironic given the subject matter.

Genuinely, it’s so dense and the entire thing is littered with ifs, buts and ill-informed maybes but if you want to read it, go ahead and click HERE.

Rangers fans took to Twitter to slaughter Sutton and it’s clear that the Ibrox support don’t agree with the ex-Celtic striker’s sentiment:

The notion that Steven Gerrard is remotely bothered by the press – which he appears to view more as an inconvenience at times – is also fanciful at best.

You only need to look at the Ibrox gaffer shutting a journalist down last week for repeating a question asked earlier in a conference.

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